Shannon. 17. England.

Taylor Swift. Vanessa Hudgens. One Direction. Justin Bieber. Jonas Brothers. Selena Gomez. Emma Watson. Zac Efron. Miley Cyrus. Lucy Hale. Shay Mitchell. Ashley Benson. Troian Bellisario.

Pretty Little Liars. Heroes. Modern Family. iCarly. Pushing Daisies. Gossip Girl. Greys Anatomy. The Office. Friends. Glee.

Harry Potter. The Notebook. The Last Song. Dear John. Crazy Stupid Love. Bridesmaids. Legally Blonde. A Cinderella Story. Tangled. The Little Mermaid. Friends With Benefits. Charlie St Cloud. High School Musical. 17 Again. Uptown Girl. The Vow. Something Borrowed. The Lucky One. The Hunger Games. Titanic. Captain America. Avengers Assemble. Grease.

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Been here all along, so why can't you see?

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So we gon’ dance until we drop !

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damon & elena
the best of season 4 (part 1)

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